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Here’s the most important thing you need to know: we’re more than just a dog blog. We inspire and empower dog moms through canine-friendly recipes and cutting-edge pet tech innovations. Join our community to celebrate the heartwarming journey of dog parent life with passion, creativity, and a modern touch.

Since 2021

Kiara the Cavalier started with a new addition to our family during the middle of a pandemic in Texas.

4 Pet Friends

We’re super proud of having young and old pups along with 2 gerbil friends to taste test for us!

Dog Parents

We are pet parents with needs just like yours. That why we started keeping this blog.

Where every wag tells a story, and every recipe brings a lick.

Haley Demos

Our History

In the heart of the pandemic in 2021, our family joyfully welcomed our second pup, Kiara, a beacon of light born during challenging times. Kiara swiftly became the heartbeat of our home, ushering in a new chapter in our dog mom journey. Alongside our cherished companion Nala, our dynamic duo forms the soulful essence of Kiarathcavalier.

During this journey, Nala, our seasoned friend, faced the adversity of liver cancer. Despite surgery and a brave battle, the cancer recurred. Focused on providing her with the best quality of life, we delved into the realm of end-of-life care. To our surprise, homemade food emerged as a game-changer, revitalizing Nala’s energy levels and rekindling the spirited joy reminiscent of her youth at the age of 2.

In the face of hardship, our journey with Nala deepened our commitment to holistic care and sharing the transformative power of nourishing, homemade recipes. Today, Kiara the Cavalier stands not only as a celebration of the joy Kiara brings but also as a tribute to the resilience and love that defined Nala’s final chapter.

Our Promise

Within these digital pages, you’ll find a delectable array of canine-friendly recipes that not only cater to your pups’ taste buds but also bring joy to your kitchen. From homemade treats to wholesome meals, our recipes are crafted with love and consideration for your furry family members.

But that’s not all—our journey extends beyond the kitchen. Discover a world of lifestyle inspiration, where the love for dogs seamlessly integrates with fashion, decor, and the art of living well. We believe that being a dog mom is not just a role; it’s a lifestyle, and we’re here to inspire you every step of the way.

And for the tech-savvy dog moms out there, dive into our curated collection of the latest and greatest in canine technology. From innovative toys to smart gadgets designed to enhance the well-being of your pups, we’ve got your tech needs covered.

So, whether you’re here for a tasty treat recipe, a glimpse into our vibrant lifestyle, or a peek at the newest tech products for your pups, Kiara the Cavalier is your go-to destination. Join Nala, Kiara, and me on this thrilling adventure, where the heartwarming journey of dog mom life meets the excitement of culinary creativity, stylish living, and the cutting edge of canine technology. Welcome to our world – where tails wag, taste buds dance, and tech takes center stage!